Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blurb Could be Better

It's really good to see a young PNG writer get his book published internationally. The chances for such an opportunity are very slim, as PNG young writers would note. So good on this author for landing the publication.

But I must say, reading the blurb at the back left me none too impressed. The grammar on the blurb was terrible. At the very least it put me off any serious consideration in buying the book. I'm not sure if the writer wrote the blurb or the editor of the book. In any case it didn't help in getting me interested. It's selling for quite a sum so buying it would be a gamble. So I would have to borrow it somewhere and read it before I can let myself buy it.

My post here is quite unfair considering I haven't read the book yet may have put off potential readers. But bookworms understand the value of the blurb. It's supposed to wet the appetite of potential buyers/readers. In this case it failed only that. 

I hope my low expectations can be lifted by a more informed reader.

Heavenise day!