Friday, April 19, 2013

Improve Your Reading Improve Your Career, Business and Personal Life

In this short post, I wish to tie the importance of reading to your job. 21st century is a highly phased competitive century according to historians. There is so much truth in this sentence. Walls of countries are breaking down, cultures are merging like never before, giving birth to strange cultures or way of life, some of which are good and some are out right confusing.

I mekim ol manmeri i go longlong na ron nambout olsem anis long rot. 
As organizations come to realize the challenges of 21st century market place, they tighten their grips on essential human skills that are necessary for day to day operation of their business or organizations. They demand you to have those skills. I was a divisional manager with a big oil palm company in Kimbe few months back and I am telling you from my experience. I use to hire and fire, and people skill was always a determining factor in the hire and fire process. 

Critical Human Skills for 21st century carrier and business success


Writing and speaking can’t do WITHOUT reading. That is why PNG Book Club puts every effort in nurturing reading culture in PNG. One time back in University of Natural Resource and Environment where I was attached a research scientist, a colleague of mine who was an academic there passed few soils report from 4th year degree students for me to read and mark. I made some very fascinating discoveries.  That some final year degree students can’t even differentiate between past and presence tense. This is really bad, I thought to myself. Why? Because they don’t read..Simple as that. You can hide and be lazy about reading but it will all show when open your mouth to speak or put pen to paper. 
Its gets harder and harder when you try to get a good job with poor reading, writing and speaking skills. Businesses survive because of people skills. Managers hire you for your skills. Your skills add value to the company to maintain competitive edge over others. YOU SEE IT NOW?.
Question: What happens if you don’t have these skills?  
Answer: More struggles for you.
Recommendation: Invest in yourself and get these skills, most of which are free. Read and read and read.

I became an author not because I studied language at UPNG. No. I became one because I committed my time into studying books and how they are written. You study accounting to be an accountant, right!
So if you want to be a good reader, study READING. If you want to be a good speaker, study SPEAKING and if you want to be a good writer, study WRITING.

That is all.

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