Monday, December 19, 2011

PNG BookClub Club-Our Achievements for 2011

 By Ian D. Hetri

First of all, Season Greetings to all Bookworms!
"You all are too good you are!" Remember Justine in PNG Gardner! His favorite lines.

Here we go. The idea of creating a group that promotes the culture of reading in PNG (read Wayne's article at started as a very tiny seed of thought. With every nourishment effort from the dedicated committee members headed by our very own Wayne Ganjiki and with technical assistance from Bea Amaya, the almost microscopic in size idea grew to what you can see today.

Today we boast a total of 3362  members in Facebook and we are still growing every single day. We also boast a friendly, professional and good code of conduct which we observed in PNG BookClub forums. Let's keep it this way.
Before I go on, let me share with you a saying by the famous boxer Mike Tyson I read some year back when I was in PNGUNRE. "The books you read and the people you hang out with determine the person you become". I personally observed this to be true. Enough Ian! This is isn't a history lecture. Lolz
Now let me take this liberty to declare that this year was a successful year for all our members and the dedicated, dynamic committee members. This group has opened doors to my world view. My professional networking and collaboration has improved dramatically. I have come to meet some of the best thinkers of this great nation PNG and I never seem to stop get better and better being in this dynamic community of book lovers.

2011 has come to an end. Great! Another new year! I'm pretty sure there are lessons to be learnt from this year. Good lessons and bad lessons. But one thing for sure is that we have started a drive that will align us to achieve the visions of PNG envisaged in PNG Vision 2050.

I commend all members for the active participation in the discussions, reviews, critiques and updates on the latest happenings in PNG. Our blog is up and running and is maintained by Wayne. Let's thank Bea again for the creative conscious she posses to again upgrade our website. Very prolific discussions are underway to do even bigger things for PNGBookClub in years to come. We will keep all members informed when the time is right.

The foresightedness and determination shown by each committee members is reflected by the good result we have seen this year. Again Wayne has done us proud by publishing our story in Post Courier. You are a mighty warrior Wayne.

After all that has been said, one thing we all should do is to thank those who actually wrote the books that we read and that is the reason why this group was formed. Thanks to the authors of all books we read.

To end, I kindly ask you to give a tap to yourself on your shoulder and tell yourself, "You love you". You were the one that made everything happened. So thank yourself. I will do the same.

Best regards,

Ian Dabasori Hetri

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