Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life Purpose & Reading

Ian D. Hetri

Many have come to the realization that human life operates in a spider web like fashion. Everything is attached to each other in some ways or another. A man, like the spider sits right in the middle of the human life web and dictates what happens to his life and the influence he asserts collectively with that of others dictate the world physically at the quantum realm and spiritually at the cosmic realm.  

Prosperity, wealth and a balance in life starts with understanding oneself. Because we are Melanesian, our education system roots back to what I describe ‘see and follow (Englis), Lukim na bihainim (Pidgin) or in my language “giro agoyao (Zia) era. Others have done it. How? The simplest way possible is to learn from others.  

It’s not you alone taking this journey. Believe me; million in the world are searching for their purpose in life. Some even die without finding the purpose of their life. No wonder some declare cemeteries as the riches place on earth. What a pity.  But that’s the plain brutal reality about humanity.  

Now that you are here, PNG FACEBOOK CLUB, you belong to a community of positive, forward-looking individuals who share with each other stories of financial achievement, some of personal fulfillment, some of overcoming obstacles…ALL  through reading. . . All are inspiring, real-life examples of people who have stepped up and made the decision to make a difference in their lives. Here we connect in mind, spirit and flesh. 

“Love for reading and the pleasure it yields binds us together like intimate couples in the act of ecstatic love making”

Through reading, we, equip ourselves with necessary information or rather knowledge and impart to others what we learn. We can make this world a better place if we are busy reading or teaching others what is right then to complain without a solution as my good brother Ganjiki affirmed in one of his posts. 

We are soldiers of fortune, sent forth by the WHOLE, HIGHER BEING, God or creator in quest to conquer and redeem what humanity has lost to the small minds in this dying world. 

I pray that we find our real we in our search for purpose inlife through reading and doing.

Best Regards.

Ian D Hetri

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